Sebastian Bach Enforces Censorship On Some Skid Row Albums

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Sebastian Bach Refuses to Sign Skid Row Albums Featuring New Members

Sebastian Bach recently announced on X that he will not sign Skid Row albums that feature any members who joined the band after him. He clarified this policy for those attending his meet-and-greet events:

“At meet and greets, I will sign Official Released Merchandise ONLY. Not things that have nothing to do with me like the history of hair metal or stuff like that. Also, I will sign Skid Row albums with the Original 5 Members ONLY. Will not sign with any replacement members. Thanks!”

Many fans supported Bach’s stance. One fan commented:

Bach’s View on His Replacements

Bach has been vocal about his disapproval of Skid Row’s replacement singers. When Skid Row announced Lzzy Hale as their singer for a series of shows, Bach unfollowed her on social media. In an interview with Screamer Magazine, he explained his reaction:

“Maybe after 9 replacements of me, maybe I don’t want to read about number 10. Maybe it bugs me. Does anybody think about that? How about me giving the best years of my life to make the brand name Skid Row and then 10 people act like it’s theirs. But it’s not. So, maybe I don’t want to read about it… Everybody have fun with the best years of my life, but I’m still making rock ‘n’ roll that can stand up to the best music I’ve ever made. So, that’s what I am concentrating on.”

Reconnecting with a Former Bandmate

Recently, Bach has reconnected with former Skid Row bandmate Rob Affuso. In an interview with 95.5 KLOS, he mentioned that they have discussed the possibility of playing together, potentially during his upcoming South American tour with Mr. Big.

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