Skid Row’s Rachel Bolan Addresses The Reasons Behind Concert Delays

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During a recent conversation with Neil Jones from TotalRock, Skid Row’s bass player, Rachel Bolan, shared insights into the sequence of unexpected delays impacting their performances.

The ensemble decided to push back multiple shows in their December 2023 lineup with Buckcherry, due to a wave of flu and COVID-19 hitting several members and their crew. Inquiring about the health status of the team, Bolan remarked:

“Everyone’s on the mend. I was amongst the initial few to fall ill, and it just hit us. It happened during the third segment of our tour with Buckcherry. It’s the nature of touring – when one person catches something on the bus, it rapidly spreads. I remember waking up feeling, ‘Yep, I’ve definitely caught something.'”

He elaborated on how the illness took a toll on the rest of the group and their crew, noting:

“At first, I tried to soldier through, thinking it was just the flu, but then it turned out to be COVID. Soon after, others started showing symptoms. It spread quickly among our crew, prompting us to decide that rescheduling was necessary. The band just needed a pause. We’re planning a robust comeback for 2024.”

In addition to these challenges, the band’s guitarist, Dave ‘Snake’ Sabo, had to undergo a surgical procedure on his neck in December 2022, involving the replacement of two discs. Bolan mentioned how Sabo has been coping since the surgery:

“Indeed, he had a double disc replacement. He’s been recovering well from that, but unfortunately, he too fell ill while touring.”

Last month, Skid Row had to call off their performance in Denver, Colorado, owing to these health setbacks. The band conveyed their regret and extended their apologies to their Denver fans, assuring them about ticket refunds and expressing appreciation for their continuous support and dedication. Their social media post read:

“It’s with regret that we announce the cancellation of today’s Skid Row concert at the Ogden Theatre in Denver, CO, due to a flu outbreak within the band. We’re truly saddened by this situation and value your understanding. While Buckcherry and Stretch will perform as planned tonight, we deeply apologize for any inconvenience caused by our absence.”

Furthermore, Skid Row declared that more shows in the U.S. – in cities like Boise, ID; Reno, NV; and Wheatland, CA – would be rescheduled to 2024, always keeping the health and safety of everyone as their top priority. The band requested their fans to remain patient and understanding during these unforeseen circumstances.

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