Rachel Bolan Confirms Skid Row’s Debut Album Was ’98 Percent’ Written Before Sebastian Bach Joined The Band

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In a “Radio Forrest” podcast interview, SKID ROW bassist Rachel Bolan revealed that their 1989 debut album was nearly complete before singer Sebastian Bach joined. The album was primarily written by Bolan and guitarist Dave Sabo. Bach, who replaced original lead singer Matt Fallon, has been vocal on Twitter, defending his contributions to the band’s songwriting, especially on their second album “Slave To The Grind.” He emphasized his role in writing songs and high notes, countering claims that he wasn’t significantly involved in songwriting.

Bach also criticized his former bandmates for not acknowledging his contributions. He argued that his solo work and the band’s albums without him demonstrate his input. Bach’s frustration was evident in his responses to fans and critics on Twitter, where he stressed reading album credits for the truth about his contributions.

Sabo, in a 2013 interview, acknowledged Bach’s contributions but indicated they weren’t as significant as his and Bolan’s. Bolan, reflecting on the band’s history, mentioned the tension and infighting leading to their split with Bach. He explained that the decision to reform SKID ROW in 1999 without Bach was due to a desire to avoid past conflicts and focus on the music.

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