Stephen Pearcy Sends A Message To Anthrax Over Their Ratt Cover

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You may have heard that Anthrax recently covered a Ratt classic. Ratt’s frontman, Stephen Pearcy,

has responded enthusiastically to their rendition and even extended an invitation to collaborate with Anthrax.

Pearcy took to X to express his excitement about Anthrax’s cover of “Round and Round.” He shared a snippet of the cover and offered to join them for a performance:

“Way cool Anthrax does ‘Round and Round.’ I’d be happy to sing with the band doing that song. Let’s go gentlemen.”

The Making of “Round and Round”

“Round and Round,” released in 1984, was a standout track on Ratt’s debut album, ‘Out of the Cellar.’ Despite its success, the song came together rather quickly.

In an interview, Warren DeMartini detailed the creative process behind the hit, explaining how he, Pearcy, and Robbin Crosby collaborated:

“Late 1982 I came up with the chorus, verse, and solo section while living at Jake E. Lee’s house in Van Nuys, where I rented the couch. Ratt already had a solid set of originals when I joined, so most of our rehearsal time was spent tightening those songs. Jake and I would stay up late playing guitar, working on riffs and parts that would become ‘Round and Round,’ ‘The Morning After,’ and ‘You’re in Trouble,’ while Jake was working on parts for ‘Bark at the Moon,’ ‘Rock N’ Roll Rebel,’ and ‘Waiting for Darkness’ (for Ozzy Osbourne’s 1983 album).”

He further explained how the song took shape:

“Months later at Ratt Mansion West, the first arrangement of ‘Round and Round’ came together. Robbin, Stephen, and I sat in a circle with a couple of cassette recorders, forming an arrangement, recording it, and then playing it back while experimenting with lyrics and double-lead ideas. Like ‘Wanted Man,’ [‘Round and Round’ was] complete in one afternoon.”

You can listen to the raw audio version of “Round and Round” below and check out Pearcy’s post here.

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