Stryper’s Michael Sweet Blasts Spotify For Exploiting Musicians

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Michael Sweet of Stryper is voicing his discontent with Spotify’s treatment of musicians, particularly in light of the streaming platform’s decision to raise subscription prices in the US for the second time this year. Expressing frustration, Sweet lamented the discrepancy between the revenue generated for artists and the substantial profits earned by the platform itself.

This isn’t the first time Sweet has taken aim at Spotify. He previously criticized CEO Daniel Ek’s suggestion that artists need to produce more music to succeed in the streaming age. Sweet argued that it’s not Ek’s place to dictate artists’ creative output, especially considering the meager earnings artists receive from streaming services.

In fact, Sweet openly expressed his desire for Spotify’s demise, wishing for a return to physical formats like vinyl or CDs, which he believes would ensure fair compensation for artists’ hard work.

The latest price hikes from Spotify further fueled Sweet’s frustration, as Premium subscriptions are set to increase by $1, with similar adjustments for other plans. International users have already experienced similar increases.

As Sweet continues to advocate for fair compensation and transparency in the music industry, his criticism underscores the ongoing challenges faced by artists navigating the digital landscape.

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