Testament To Release Remastered Versions Of ‘The Legacy’ And ‘The New Order’

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Good news for Testament fans — the band is re-releasing their first two albums.

The legendary thrash metal band will release remastered versions of their iconic records ‘The Legacy’ and ‘The New Order.’ These updated editions will be available both digitally and on vinyl through Nuclear Blast Records. Frontman Chuck Billy explained the motivation behind these re-releases:

“When ‘The Legacy’ and ‘The New Order’ were first recorded, we were new and had limited resources to record the albums being a young band. Now, with the remastering, fans will hear the albums in their signature sonic onslaught they were intended to be heard.”

A New Album on the Horizon?

In addition to the remastered albums, there’s exciting news about potential new music. During a January interview with 97 Underground radio station, Billy discussed Testament’s recording and touring plans. He revealed that the band is working on a new album and aims to complete it soon:

“Right now we’re on kind of a time restraint because we’re working on a new record. We’re writing it right now. And we have to get it done and record it before we leave in July. That’s our goal. So right now we’re working hard on that.”

Billy also mentioned some special upcoming shows:

“So there’s only a few shows before July, which are these two one-offs, the special shows we’re gonna do in Connecticut and West Virginia; one’s at the Foxwoods and one’s at Hollywood Casino. And those shows we’re gonna play ‘The Legacy’ and ‘The New Order’ in their entirety because in March we’re gonna re-release those on Nuclear Blast Records.”

You can listen to the remastered versions of ‘Into The Pit’ and ‘Over The Wall’ below.

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