The famous Nirvana song Kurt Cobain wrote to mock Led Zeppelin

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Nirvana and Led Zeppelin hold esteemed positions in rock’s hall of fame. However, Kurt Cobain’s feelings toward Zeppelin weren’t always warm. He once ditched his Zeppelin albums for mere pocket change.

Speaking to Interview Magazine, Cobain shared with Adam Snyder his musical evolution. From his early days strumming along to The Cars and AC/DC, to a seismic shift towards punk rock, his tastes transformed.

“I let go of my Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin albums for just twelve bucks,” Cobain confessed. “I veered away from my hard rock origins and dived into bands like MDC and Black Flag.” When prodded if he considered Zeppelin passé, Cobain candidly agreed.

He further elaborated, “I did enjoy some tracks from Aerosmith and Led Zeppelin. But, with time, I recognized that much of their content was steeped in sexism.”

He continued, expressing his discomfort with their overtly sexual lyrics, especially during his final high school years. This very realization steered him towards punk rock.

Nirvana’s early track, “Aero Zeppelin”, emerged from a 1988 studio session with renowned Seattle producer Jack Endino.

It hinted at Nirvana’s impending style. With a heavier lean on punk, Melvins drummer Dale Crover was on the drums, stepping in after the departure of their original drummer, Aaron Burckhard.

However, Nirvana quickly outgrew the chaotic essence of “Aero Zeppelin”. They shifted towards streamlined chord progressions and potent dynamics reminiscent of the Pixies.

Within a year of recording their initial demo, and after bringing Chad Channing on board, Nirvana released their debut LP, ‘Bleach’.

This album gave only a snapshot of the musical behemoth Nirvana was destined to be, with “Aero Zeppelin” standing out as an unrefined early composition.

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