Why Paul Stanley Thought Brian Johnson Would Ruin AC/DC

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Paul Stanley, a famous rock star, recently had a chat with a magazine called Classic Rock. They were celebrating 50 years of the band AC/DC.

He talked about the time when a guy named Brian Johnson became the new lead singer of AC/DC after the old singer, Bon Scott, died. Paul Stanley said:

“When Brian Johnson became AC/DC’s new singer, I was very interested to see what would happen. But they made an amazing album called ‘Back In Black.’

I was very surprised by how good it was. It reminded me of the first time I heard another great band, Black Sabbath.”

He also talked about how AC/DC’s music changed when they got their new singer:

“With their new album, ‘Back In Black,’ AC/DC’s music became more polished. They were moving forward. Their old rough style was replaced with a powerful new sound. But it was really good. I thought the changes were better than what they lost.”

Stanley first heard AC/DC’s music in 1977 when they were helping KISS with some concerts. He said:

“I knew AC/DC was a great band the first time I saw them. It was at a place in LA called Whisky A Go Go in the mid-seventies.

They had so much energy. It was amazing to see how much effort Angus [Young], one of the band members, put into his performance.”

A little while after these concerts, AC/DC started performing before KISS on a tour in North America. Soon after that, they released an album called ‘Highway to Hell’ that became very popular.

Many years later, Paul Stanley spoke about how KISS had helped other bands, including AC/DC, become famous:

“We didn’t make any band famous, but we gave them a chance. When we put them in a big venue, the audience decided if they liked them or not. But we helped a lot of bands we liked, including AC/DC, get their start.”

AC/DC is planning to celebrate its 50th anniversary by performing at a festival in California on October 7 after not performing for seven years.

At the same time, KISS is getting ready to start their last tour, called ‘End Of The Road,’ in September.

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