The Kinks’ Dave Davies Is Not Afraid Of Backlash Over Supporting Gay People

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Dave Davies is a staunch supporter of the LGBTQ+ community and isn’t afraid to confront any potential backlash.

In a recent interview with Classic Rock History, The Kinks guitarist delved into the band’s iconic hits, sharing anecdotes about their creation. When asked about the inspiration behind the hit song ‘Lola’ and whether he had concerns about backlash, Davies offered an insightful response:

“An interesting question indeed. You’re correct in noting that discussing gay individuals within the arts and society at large has become more commonplace over time. However, during our era, such conversations were less frequent. Nevertheless, all of us in The Kinks held open-minded views toward gay individuals and diverse expressions of sexuality. While such discussions were more common within our industry than in public discourse, we weren’t apprehensive about potential backlash. We simply followed our creative instincts.”

Impact on the LGBTQ+ Community

Reflecting on the impact of ‘Lola’ on the LGBTQ+ community, Davies shared:

“Many have expressed gratitude, stating, ‘‘Lola’ offered me a fresh perspective and aided in my personal growth.’ In one’s youth, understanding differences among individuals isn’t always clear-cut. However, we had many friends who identified as bisexual or were undergoing transitions, making it a familiar aspect of our lives, perhaps more so than previously believed.”

‘Lola’ Remains Relevant Today

Released in 1970, ‘Lola’ stirred controversy due to its suggestive lyrics, implying a romantic encounter with a drag queen or transgender individual. Despite radio stations’ reluctance to play it and some censoring the song, its true meaning was not universally known. Davies remarked:

“Many listeners were initially unaware of the song’s true meaning, viewing it simply as another ‘quirky Kinks song.’ However, given the evolving attitudes towards gender and identity, the song’s themes are remarkably pertinent today. We’re amidst a significant shift in societal attitudes and self-awareness, making discussions about gender and identity more relevant than ever.”

Dave Davies’ unwavering support for LGBTQ+ rights and his reflections on ‘Lola’ highlight the band’s progressive stance and enduring influence on social discourse.

You can listen to the song below.

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