Tom Morello Says He Was The DJ Of RATM, Not Guitarist

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In a recent revelation, Tom Morello, the acclaimed guitarist of Rage Against The Machine, unveiled a surprising aspect of his identity within the band. Contrary to the conventional perception of him as the guitarist, Morello confessed to identifying himself as the DJ of the group.

During a candid interview with Rolling Stone, Morello delved into the unconventional inspiration behind his distinctive role in RATM. He recounted immersing himself in the techniques of iconic DJs like Jam Master Jay and experimenting with the sonic textures of electronic music pioneers such as Crystal Method and Prodigy. Rather than merely replicating traditional guitar sounds, Morello pushed the boundaries by incorporating unconventional elements into his playing, drawing inspiration from everyday sounds like helicopters, barking dogs, and passing lawnmowers.

This departure from conventional guitar playing was a conscious evolution for Morello, who initially embarked on his musical journey by emulating guitar legends like Eddie Van Halen. However, it was his realization that he lacked a unique sound that prompted him to reimagine the guitar as more than just a “hallowed instrument.”

In a previous interview with Total Guitar, Morello elaborated on his unconventional approach, emphasizing his focus on exploring sounds beyond the conventional spectrum of rock guitar. By practicing non-guitar noises and drawing inspiration from sources as diverse as wild boars and DJ scratching, Morello carved out a distinctive sonic niche for himself within the realm of rock music.

This audacious departure from tradition not only defined Morello’s iconic style but also established him as a trailblazer in the realm of experimental guitar playing. As he continues to push the boundaries of sonic exploration, Morello’s journey serves as a testament to the limitless possibilities of musical expression.

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