Tracii Guns Makes A Risky Nikki Sixx Comment Over ‘Fake Bass’ Claims

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Tracii Guns recently ignited a social media storm by retweeting a meme questioning Nikki Sixx’s role as Mötley Crüe’s bassist. The meme, suggesting Sixx’s bass contributions might be less than authentic, featured a flash drive labeled ‘Nikki Sixx signature bass.’ Guns’ cryptic comment accompanying the post, “I’m just the messenger,” hinted at his inclination towards the rumors, potentially fueling tensions between the musicians and their fan bases.

The ongoing debate surrounding Sixx’s bass performance erupted following allegations from Mick Mars, who sued the band, alleging they didn’t perform live during concerts. Carmine Appice further fueled the controversy by suggesting another musician, Carol Kaye, as the real talent behind Sixx’s bass parts.

Echoing these suspicions, John Corabi hinted at the possibility of backing tracks being used, citing advancements in recording technology like Pro Tools.

In contrast, Mick Mars has remained conspicuously silent on the matter, opting not to address it directly during his December 2023 interview with Igor Miranda, though he affirmed the veracity of his previous statements in sworn testimony. As speculation mounts, the dispute over Sixx’s bass prowess continues to linger, leaving fans and industry insiders intrigued and divided.

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