Wolfgang Van Halen To Fans: “Figure Out How To Live Without VAN HALEN”

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Wolfgang Van Halen, amidst the shadows of the iconic Van Halen band and the complex dynamics that come with it, is charting his own course in the music world.

Following the passing of his father, Eddie Van Halen, discussions about a tribute show or tour have been rife with disagreements, notably involving Sammy Hagar and Alex Van Halen.

However, Wolfgang is steering clear of these disputes, offering a fresh perspective on his relationship with his father’s and Van Halen’s legacy.

In a conversation with The Messenger, Wolfgang expressed a poignant realization about moving forward without his father and, by extension, without Van Halen as a band.

He acknowledged the end of Van Halen with his father’s absence but emphasized his commitment to honoring the legacy in his own way, including involvement with his father’s guitar and amp company.

Furthermore, in an interview on ‘Trunk Nation with Eddie Trunk,’ Wolfgang reflected on his experiences with Van Halen.

He shared insights on what he learned from the band, both positive and negative, and how these lessons are shaping his approach to his own musical project, Mammoth WVH. For Wolfgang, Mammoth WVH represents a fresh start, an opportunity to create something unblemished and true to his vision, influenced but not overshadowed by his past with Van Halen.

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