Vince Neil Pays A Special Visit To Jon Bon Jovi

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Vince Neil recently paid a visit to Jon Bon Jovi’s new bar in Nashville.

The Mötley Crüe frontman shared a video on Instagram capturing highlights from his visit and captioned it:

“So proud of my friend, Jon Bon Jovi. Congratulations on your new bar in Nashville and your new album rocks!”

Fan Reactions to Neil’s Visit

Fans were thrilled by the video, especially the heartfelt moment when Neil and Bon Jovi hugged. One fan commented:

“Almost makes you kinda tear up a little to see Vince and Jon sharing a moment like that. Those guys came up together and seen some crazy sh*t.”

Another added:

“That hug warms my 80s-loving heart. They’ve come a LONG way from the Moscow Peace Festival.”

Another fan wrote:

“Truly an awesome post! Two legends, two lead singers, and supportive friends. That’s badass.”

One commenter even suggested a joint tour:

“Somewhere for Mötley Crüe to play one day?! Two iconic ’80s bands together – what a crossover that would be!”

Details of Bon Jovi’s Recent Performance

On Friday, June 7, Bon Jovi played a surprise five-song set in Nashville to celebrate the opening of Jon Bon Jovi’s new rooftop bar and restaurant, JBJ’s. This event also marked the release of their sixteenth album, ‘Forever.’

This performance was particularly notable as Jon Bon Jovi is still recovering vocally from a 2022 surgery. Despite his ongoing recovery, he delivered a strong performance at the Nashville club. He showed his typical high energy, dancing on the small stage and encouraging the audience to sing along. They kicked off with ‘Blood on Blood,’ a song not performed live since 2019. Jon addressed the crowd, acknowledging his absence from the stage:

“It’s been a couple of years since I’ve been up on a stage with some people in the house. Too long, too long. Yeah, it feels good. I hope it sounds good because it feels good.”

He also spoke about Nashville’s significance to the band, noting their time spent writing and recording there. The event drew other celebrities, including Jelly Roll and Big Kenny. Bon Jovi and his band played hits like ‘You Give Love a Bad Name’ and their new single ‘Legendary’ from the album ‘Forever.’

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