Why Wolfgang Van Halen Remained Silent Against Roth

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Wolfgang Van Halen has chosen to remain quiet in the face of recent critical comments made by David Lee Roth. Typically active and vocal on social media, Wolfgang has decided not to engage this time around, despite Roth’s provocative statements made through video uploads on his social media channels.

In these videos, Roth initially appeared to criticize Wolfgang regarding their band’s farewell tour, leading to backlash from fans and even Sammy Hagar, a fellow Van Halen band member. Roth followed up with another video titled “Family Therapy..,” which began as what seemed to be a heartfelt apology, only to take a sharp turn with Roth stating, “Sike, f*** you,” revealing the apology to be insincere.

The backlash from Roth’s comments extended to fans and Hagar, yet Alex Van Halen, the drummer of Van Halen, expressed support for Roth. Alex Van Halen compared the situation to the late career of Muhammad Ali, suggesting that some battles might not be worth fighting, a sentiment he related to the dispute over streaming rights for the band’s album.

Wolfgang’s silence on the matter marks a departure from his usual approach to public disputes, possibly influenced by Alex Van Halen’s involvement in the controversy. The issue at the heart of the disagreement was Roth’s alleged disapproval of “A Different Kind Of Truth,” Van Halen’s album which Wolfgang contributed to and which had been removed from streaming services.

“A Different Kind Of Truth” saw significant success upon its release but was conspicuously absent from streaming platforms in late 2022. Following Wolfgang’s claim about Roth’s dislike for the album, Roth posted another critical video targeting Wolfgang’s actions during a New York performance on their last tour.

Sammy Hagar has publicly defended Wolfgang, suggesting Roth’s actions stem from jealousy and advising Roth to reconsider his sources of advice or inspiration.

This ongoing feud highlights the complex dynamics within Van Halen, showcasing differing perspectives and responses to internal conflicts. Wolfgang’s decision to stay silent on this occasion suggests a possible strategy of stepping back from public disputes, especially when they involve close family ties and band legacy.

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