Alex Van Halen rules out touring as he ‘just doesn’t like playing’ without Eddie

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Sammy Hagar recently shared some insights about his upcoming summer tour in 2024. The tour, dubbed “The Best Of All Worlds,” will feature a mix of Van Halen classics and tracks from his other projects, notably The Circle.

Joining Hagar on stage will be his longtime collaborator Michael Anthony on bass, the talented Jason Bonham on drums, and the formidable Joe Satriani tasked with recreating the iconic guitar parts of the late Eddie Van Halen.

Explaining the tour’s focus, Hagar emphasized their intention to dive deep into the Van Halen catalog while also including some of his own hits. He sees it as a tribute not only to the band’s legacy but also as a heartfelt thank you to the fans and to Eddie Van Halen himself.

Hagar expressed understanding for Alex Van Halen’s decision not to participate, citing his reluctance to perform without his brother Eddie. Instead, Hagar enthusiastically welcomed the idea of Alex or even David Lee Roth joining them if they so desired, but clarified later that his invitation to Roth was more about a one-off collaboration than a full-blown tour involvement.

In a peculiar turn, Roth responded with an eccentric video hinting at extraterrestrial encounters involving Hagar, adding a touch of unexpected drama to the mix.

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