3 Of The Most Disliked Beatles Songs

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When discussing the Beatles, it’s easy to focus solely on their monumental success and overlook the occasional missteps. While these low moments pale in comparison to their numerous high points, there are a few Beatles songs that have garnered little love, evident from their low streaming stats. Let’s take a closer look at three of these less popular tracks.

Even musical giants like the Beatles have their less beloved songs. While “Honey Don’t,” “Slow Down,” and “Matchbox” may not have reached the same level of adoration as some of their iconic hits, they still provide interesting glimpses into the band’s range and evolution.

1. “Honey Don’t”

“Honey Don’t” stands out for giving Ringo Starr, the beloved Beatles drummer, a chance to shine. Although Starr has more famous moments behind the microphone, his cover of Carl Perkins’ song showcases his toe-tapping talent. However, it’s not particularly surprising that this song has fallen through the cracks, as it lacks the memorability of some of their other hits.


“Well, how come you say you will when you won’t?
Say you do, baby, when you don’t.
Let me know, honey, how you feel.
Tell the truth now, is love real?”

2. “Slow Down”

“Slow Down” highlights why John Lennon and Paul McCartney focused on writing their own songs. Their cover of Larry Williams’ tune doesn’t quite hit the mark, feeling somewhat run-of-the-mill. It lacks the distinctive qualities that set apart the Beatles’ more successful tracks, making it seem like any early rock band could have recorded it and achieved moderate success.


“Slow down. Baby, now you’re moving way too fast.
You gotta give me a little lovin’, give me a little lovin’.
Ow! If you want our love to last.”

3. “Matchbox”

The final song on our list is another Carl Perkins cover, “Matchbox.” Once again, Ringo Starr takes the lead vocals and delivers a performance that is equally impactful as his rendition of “Honey Don’t.” The Beatles experimented with various rockabilly songs, and while “Matchbox” doesn’t necessarily stand out from the pack, it still showcases their versatility.


“I said I’m sitting here watchin’, matchbox hole in my clothes.
I said I’m sitting here wonderin’, matchbox hole in my clothes.
I ain’t got no matches, but I sure got a long way to go.”

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