3 Songs You Didn’t Know David Bowie Wrote For Other Artists

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David Bowie is undoubtedly one of the most recognized artists of our era. Throughout his successful career spanning over 50 years, Bowie released 26 studio albums and created absolute modern classics like “Let’s Dance,” “Starman,” “Heroes,” and “Rebel, Rebel,” among many other hidden gems in his extensive catalog.

However, Bowie didn’t confine his artistic talent to himself, as he often collaborated with fellow musicians in composing and instrumentalizing his own songs. Here are three songs that you may not have known were written by the idol, David Bowie.

“Girls”- Tina Turner

“Girls” appeared on Tina Turner’s 1986 album, ‘Break Every Rule,’ and was released as a single in the same year. It became a top-20 hit in Europe with drums played by Phil Collins. Later, Bowie recorded his own version of the song for his 1987 album, ‘Never Let Me Down.’ It ended up being the B-side of his single “Time Will Crawl” that same year. The song addresses love and loneliness—what better material for rock and roll?

“Oh! You Pretty Things” – Peter Noone

Written by Bowie and featured on his December 1971 album, ‘Hunky Dory,’ “Oh! You Pretty Things” was first recorded by Peter Noone for his April 1971 album and released as a solo single. That version also includes Bowie on the piano. Although some consider the song to be Bowie’s best composition, it was Noone who recorded it first.

“I Am a Laser”- Ava Cherry and The Astronettes

Cherry, a Vogue model and artist, met Bowie in New York in the early ’70s when she worked as a waitress at the Genesis nightclub. At that time, Bowie was on tour. They worked together from 1972 to 1975, and later Cherry embarked on a solo singing career. She opened for Luther Vandross and Chaka Khan, among other projects. Throughout her singing career, Cherry released six albums, and “I Am a Laser” appeared on her album ‘People From Bad Homes.’ When listening to the song, Bowie’s influence is evident, from the guitars to the vocals.

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