5 Classic Rock Supergroup We Almost Had

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Nothing is greater than when a group of legendary musicians comes together to form a band that has the potential to become global. Moments like these are exciting for anyone who is a devoted supergroup fan. Making the greatest team ever doesn’t always provide us peace of mind, especially when it conflicts with ego, creativity, and individual schedules. The top 5 supergroups that the world almost had are listed below.

Paul McCartney, Tony Williams, Jimi Hendrix, And Miles Davis

When they were collaborating on a new song in 1969, Jimi Hendrix, Tony Williams, and Miles Davis decided to ask Paul McCartney if he might stop by for a collaboration. However, Macca was too busy exploring Scotland’s streets to return for another two weeks.

Nirvana And R.E.M.

Kurt Cobain adored R.E.M. so much that he thought the two of them working together would have been fantastic. Nevertheless, when Cobain’s mental condition worsened, the storied partnership failed.

Michael Stripe, R.E.M.’s vocalist, told Interview Magazine, “I was doing that to try to save his life, The collaboration was me calling up as an excuse to reach out to this guy. He was in a really bad place.”

The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, And Bob Dylan

Although we have included several icons on the list, maybe no one could surpass the proposed cooperation of the three greatest musicians in music history; without them, the industry as we know it today would not have thrived. All of it began when Bob Dylan made the decision to call the Beatles and Rolling Stones to see if they would be interested in collaborating on an album. George Harrison and Keith Richards concurred right away, but the project was shelved after Mick Jagger and Paul McCartney objected. The two reportedly declined to proceed since they disliked pooling all of their written tracks and having whoever developed the finest arrangements win a spot on the album.

Girls Aloud And Arctic Monkeys

Together, two musically disparate groups made the decision to challenge all preconceived notions about pop and alternative rock. When Arctic Monkeys traveled to Wales and reserved a studio for two weeks in 2007, a record almost materialized but never materialized.

The Beatles And David Bowie

The supergroup would have been among the best ensembles to be created from rock stars. During the time that John Lennon and Paul McCartney reconciled, in 1974. The two were conversing the entire time, according to David Bowie, who saw them in his hotel room at about three in the morning. Bowie revealed, “They actually asked me if I’d join the two of them and become a trio with them, and we’d change the name to something like David Bowie and The Beatles because they liked the idea of it being DBB.” However, the idea never emerged.

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