AC/DC Breaks Silence To Countdown To A Big Announcement

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AC/DC recently stirred excitement among fans with a cryptic clip posted on their social media channels. While some speculate about a new album, many are eagerly anticipating a potential tour, especially since their last one in 2016 saw Brian Johnson temporarily replaced by Axl Rose due to hearing issues.

Interestingly, the clip emerges amidst rumors of bassist Cliff Williams parting ways with the band. The Instagram post featured a simple message: “Are you ready?”

Fans chimed in with their hopes and theories. One fan expressed enthusiasm for a tour, exclaiming, “LET THERE BE TOUR!!!” Another, wary of past substitutions, hoped for Brian Johnson’s return over Axl Rose. Meanwhile, speculation about a new album surfaced with the observation of a fresh logo look.

Adding to the intrigue, a subsequent video on their X teased a countdown, hinting at an impending announcement.

Addressing the speculation, comedian and devoted AC/DC fan Dean Delray shared insider information about the band’s 2024 tour. Delray revealed that Cliff Williams won’t be joining the tour, as he retired after the last one in 2016. According to Delray, AC/DC will enlist a new bass player for this year’s tour, corroborating Williams’ earlier statements about not touring again.

The plot thickens with reports of a supposed European tour, initially meant to be kept under wraps. Munich’s Mayor Dieter Reiter inadvertently spilled the beans during a council meeting, announcing AC/DC’s scheduled performance at Munich’s Olympic Stadium on June 12. Following the unintentional reveal, Reiter quipped, “I didn’t know it was supposed to be a secret.”

While AC/DC or their representatives have yet to confirm these rumors officially, journalist José Norberto Flesch hinted at a potential appearance at the Rock In Rio festival in September 2024. The anticipation continues to build among fans awaiting official confirmation of what promises to be an electrifying comeback.

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