Ace Frehley: No Chance I’ll Play at Kiss’ Final Show

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Ace Frehley, the former guitarist of Kiss, has categorically denied any involvement in the band’s final concert this weekend. Despite ongoing rumors and previous comments from Kiss co-founders Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley about extending invitations to Frehley and original drummer Peter Criss, Frehley rebuffed these claims in a recent SiriusXM interview.

He alleged that Simmons and Stanley merely used his and Criss’s names to boost ticket sales and expressed disappointment over Stanley’s negative remarks about him and Criss, suggesting they would detract from the show’s quality.

Frehley, who has been successfully touring solo and releasing albums independently of Kiss, is anticipating his new album “10,000 Volts.”

While he expects Gene Simmons to publicly appreciate the album, he’s uncertain about Stanley’s reaction, hinting at underlying jealousy. Despite these tensions, Frehley maintains a positive outlook, wishing Kiss well for their final performances and acknowledging the natural lapses in memory and passion that come with age.

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