Ace Frehley Shares His Biggest Regret After Leaving KISS

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In a candid discussion with Guitarist, Ace Frehley opened up about a significant regret stemming from his departure from KISS. Reflecting on a pivotal moment in 1982, Frehley recalled the decision to sell his cherished ’59 Gibson Les Paul guitar for a mere $18,000, driven by a desire to indulge in his passion for gambling in Atlantic City.

Despite having originally purchased the guitar for $4,000, Frehley’s impulsive decision to sell it at a vintage gear store in New York, facilitated by a helicopter trip, now stands as a regret. However, Frehley finds solace in the knowledge that his signature alone can significantly enhance the value of any guitar he owns, acknowledging the lucrative impact of his iconic status.

Currently boasting a collection of over 120 guitars, Frehley finds himself eager to part with some of them, particularly after acquiring a staggering 35 guitars during his time on Alice Cooper’s 2022 tour.

Despite his legendary status as a guitarist, Frehley admits to feeling insecure about his technique, lamenting the absence of formal musical education. Despite this, he remains humbled by the impact he has had on aspiring guitarists, acknowledging his unconventional approach to playing and the idiosyncrasies of his style.

Describing himself as a “sloppy” player, Frehley remains unapologetic about his imperfections, opting to deliver KISS classics and his solo repertoire with an authenticity that resonates with fans. With his recent solo album, ‘10,000 Volts,’ released in February 2024 and plans for ‘Origins Vol. 3’ in the pipeline, Frehley continues to leave his mark on the world of rock music.

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