Alex Lifeson Drops A Bombshell About Rush Reunion

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In a recent interview with Guitar World, Alex Lifeson poured cold water on any hopes Rush fans might have of a reunion.

The conversation initially centered around Lifeson’s latest musical gear – a new amplifier, pedal, and guitar. When asked about the possibility of collaborating with his Rush counterpart, Geddy Lee, Lifeson remained noncommittal despite persistent rumors. Reflecting on their last performances, he acknowledged the sentiment among fans but emphasized that the band’s decision to disband was primarily due to Neil Peart’s desire to step back from the demanding touring lifestyle.

While Lifeson admitted to finding inspiration from playing alongside Lee during the bassist’s book tour and at the Taylor Hawkins tribute concerts, he ultimately dismissed the idea of a reunion tour. Citing decades of touring experience and a desire to move forward, Lifeson expressed a reluctance to return to the grind of hotel rooms and stage performances.

As for the possibility of collaborating with Lee on new music, Lifeson hinted that the ball is in Lee’s court. He recounted Lee’s invitation to jam together, suggesting that it’s ultimately up to Lee to initiate any potential reunion efforts. Speculating on what the future might hold, Lifeson remained cautiously optimistic, acknowledging that the outcome could range from nothing significant to a potentially remarkable resurgence of their musical partnership.

Interestingly, Lee himself signaled a willingness to entertain the idea of a Rush reunion in November 2023, indicating a shift in perspective regarding performing Rush songs with additional musicians.

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