Alice Cooper On How He Foresaw Jim Morrison’s Death

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In a recent chat with Classic Rock, Alice Cooper opened up about his connection with the late Jim Morrison. Upon their first meeting, Cooper, often dubbed the “Godfather of Shock Rock,” recalled:

“When I met Jim, there was this feeling he wouldn’t be with us for long. He was undeniably talented, a term I don’t use lightly. But he wasn’t kind to himself.”

Describing Morrison’s daring lifestyle, Alice Cooper said:

“Jim consumed pills as if they were candies and drank heavily. He lived on the edge, literally. Imagine him at a party, teetering on a skyscraper’s edge, whisky bottles in both hands – that was an average day for him.”

When the topic of Morrison’s untimely death came up, Cooper admitted:

“Finding out Jim passed away at 27 wasn’t as shocking as the fact that he lived up to that age. Yet, on stage or during recordings, he was always professional. He believed in enjoying but being focused when it mattered. It’s the rest of the day that he needed someone to have his back.”

Cooper also mentioned in a UCR interview how the Doors’ unique sound inspired him. In his early career, he sought to carve out his own signature style, just as Morrison did for the Doors.

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