Alice Cooper releases new song “I’m Alice” from upcoming album

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Alice Cooper, the legendary rock musician, has recently unveiled “I’m Alice,” the highly anticipated first single from his forthcoming studio album titled “Road.” Produced by his long-term collaborator Bob Ezrin, the album showcases Cooper’s exceptional songwriting skills and features his talented bandmates, including Ryan Roxie on guitar, Chuck Garric on bass, Tommy Henrikson on guitar, Glen Sobel on drums, and Nita Strauss on guitar. Fans can expect the full album to hit the shelves on August 25.

Alice said in an official statement, “For Road, I wanted the band to be involved in the foundation of all the songs. I only see these guys when we’re on the road. So, I wanted them to be as tight as they are for the show but on all new material. When you have a band this good, I believe in showing it off, and this is my way of doing so.”

A Collaborative Effort for a Powerful Album

In an official statement, Alice Cooper expressed his desire for his band to play an integral role in shaping the songs on “Road.” Recognizing that they primarily connect during their time on the road, he aimed to capture the tight-knit chemistry they share on stage and infuse it into the new material. Cooper emphasized his belief in showcasing the exceptional talent of his band, and this album serves as a testament to their collective brilliance.

Embracing Authenticity and Creativity

With “Road,” Alice Cooper demonstrates his unwavering commitment to authenticity and innovation. By involving his bandmates in the songwriting process, he ensures that the album resonates with the raw energy and artistic vision that have defined his illustrious career. This collaborative approach allows each band member to contribute their unique talents, ultimately resulting in a dynamic and captivating musical experience.

A Journey Worth Anticipating

Fans worldwide eagerly await the release of “Road” on August 25, as it promises to deliver a fresh and captivating sound from Alice Cooper and his band. The album’s diverse collection of tracks will showcase their exceptional musical prowess while highlighting Cooper’s unmistakable vocals and thought-provoking lyrical style. As one of rock music’s most iconic figures, Alice Cooper continues to push boundaries and captivate audiences, proving that his creative flame still burns brightly.


Alice Cooper’s recent release of the lead single “I’m Alice” from his upcoming album “Road” has generated tremendous excitement among fans. With a band united in their musical journey, Cooper’s collaborative approach has yielded a collection of songs that promise to be both powerful and memorable. As the album’s release date approaches, anticipation builds for the arrival of “Road” and the opportunity to immerse ourselves in the distinct and captivating world of Alice Cooper’s music.

Hear the new Alice Cooper song “I’m Alice”

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