Steve Perry Covers Journey’s ‘It Could Have Been You’ With His New Band

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The Effect unveiled their rendition of Journey’s classic ‘It Could Have Been You,’ featuring the iconic Steve Perry.

Comprising a lineup that boasts the musical legacies of renowned artists, The Effect showcases the talents of Trev Lukather on guitar, Nic Collins on drums, Steve Maggiora on keys, and Emmett Stang on vocals. Their collaboration on this cover was fueled by a deep connection to the music and a shared admiration for Perry.

Reflecting on the genesis of the project, Trev Lukather shared a glimpse into his longstanding relationship with Perry, describing him as both a mentor and a source of inspiration. Lukather’s enthusiasm for the song ‘It Could Have Been You’ during a conversation with Perry sparked the idea to breathe new life into it with The Effect’s unique touch.

Embracing the opportunity to collaborate with Perry, Lukather expressed his delight at the prospect of working alongside his esteemed colleague once again. Despite having completed their album, Lukather recognized the inherent brilliance of the idea and couldn’t resist the chance to merge their talents.

With Perry on board, Lukather, Collins, Stang, and Maggiora united their musical prowess to reimagine the track. Perry’s involvement injected a fresh energy into the song, revitalizing its essence and giving it a contemporary edge.

Commenting on The Effect’s contribution to the rock music landscape, Nic Collins emphasized their commitment to infusing the genre with infectious melodies and dynamic compositions. Their blend of catchy hooks and heavy riffs offers a refreshing antidote to the perceived staleness of contemporary rock music.

Having already teased audiences with tracks like ‘Unwanted,’ ‘Something Wrong,’ and ‘Toxic Envy,’ The Effect is gearing up for the release of their debut album, promising a compelling showcase of their collective talent and innovative sound.

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