Alice Cooper Reveals Slash’s Confession About Axl Rose

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The 50 best Guns N’ Roses tracks are included exclusively in Classic Rock’s most recent edition. Slash made a confession regarding Axl Rose during their time in the studio, according to Alice Cooper, who was one of the visitors who learned the story behind the songs.

Slash made the following admission while Alice Cooper and he were being recorded for the song “The Garden”:

“Slash has said Axl had been trying to sing like me, and they decided to get the real thing. There’s a certain amount of cynicism and dark humor in what I do. I think that’s why they wanted me on the song – they wanted it a little sinister. They just said: ‘Do it the way you would do it.'”

They just needed two or three takes to swiftly get the desired outcome:

“Axl might have given me a couple of pointers, but we nailed it pretty quickly – in two or three takes – and I was surprised when he went: ‘Yeah, that sounds great.’ I didn’t hang out afterwards. I just said: ‘Guys, I know you’re gonna stay up for three days, so I’m gonna go home.’ We could laugh about that because they understood I’d been there once, too.”

The Godfather of Shock Rock was pleased to work with GNR on “Use Your Illusion” as well:

“I’ve sung a lot of different bits with a lot of different people, but it’s always great to be on a classic album. ‘Use Your Illusion’ is not just another album. It’s an album that will go down in history.”

The first time Alice Cooper and Guns N’ Roses worked together was on the 1988 re-recording of “Under My Wheels,” which featured a duet between the rocker and Axl Rose. Later, Cooper made another appearance on the GNR song “The Garden,” which was included in the 1991 album “Use Your Illusion I.”

Below, you may hear both tunes.


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