Andrew Ridgeley Believes George Michael Didn’t Fulfill His Obligation

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Recently, Wham! commemorated the 40th year since the release of their maiden album, ‘Fantastic.’ In the light of this event, Andrew Ridgeley took a moment to muse over past choices. With Spin, he pondered George Michael’s choice to skip a tour for ‘The Final,’ saying:

“It’s a lingering thought – what if we had taken ‘The Final’ on the road? Our fans deserved a closing act, a final bow. But I can see why Yog [George Michael] insisted on capping it with just one defining concert.”

Looking back at their iconic Wembley Stadium performance 37 years prior, Ridgeley conveyed his feelings to the BBC:

“The allure of one last global tour for ‘The Final’ always stayed with me. It could’ve been our heartfelt thank you to fans everywhere. Yet, I respect George’s vision of one final, memorable gig.”

With Spin, Ridgeley also playfully chatted about what counsel he’d share with his greener self:

“Were I to sit down with young AJR, I’d jest, ‘Don’t hang up those songwriting boots just yet. Dive deeper, you’ve got a spark! Passion makes perfect, after all.’ Even George knew the grind. And well, perhaps I took it a tad easy back in the day.”

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