Ann Wilson Reacts To Being Declared The ‘Greatest Female Vocalist’ Of All Time

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In an engaging interview on ‘The Kenny Aronoff Sessions’ podcast, Ann Wilson, gearing up for her Fort Wayne, Indiana, performance on November 28, reflected on a memorable compliment from Elton John. He had once hailed her as “the greatest female vocalist who’s ever lived,” to which she humbly laughed, suggesting he might have exaggerated a bit. However, Wilson acknowledged the immense value of such praise, likening it to an encouraging nod from a mentor.

Wilson, known for her profound respect for Elton John’s talent, often speaks of him in other interviews, including her current tour with Tripsitter. She admires the ‘Rocket Man’ singer, revealing that she often tunes her voice by singing along to her favorite artists, with John being a top choice for her vocal exercises. This approach, she shared in a chat with People magazine, helps her prepare for performances, including a notable headline at the Women Who Rock benefit at Stage AE in Pittsburgh on October 21.

Her musical practice involves harmonizing with artists like Elton John, Emmylou Harris, and Lucinda Williams, who align with her vocal range. This method showcases her dedication to her craft and her admiration for fellow artists, highlighting the interconnected inspiration among musicians.

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