Arnel Pineda Gives Ultimatum To Neal Schon

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Arnel Pineda, the lead vocalist of Journey, issued Neal Schon with an ultimatum by stating on Twitter that the band could fire him at any moment if they so choose.

Pineda’s most recent tweets were probably influenced by Michaele Schon’s wife Schon’s “advisory” Facebook comments. The two band members weren’t particularly happy about having to perform on stage with the former keyboardist Gregg Rolie, according to Schon.

Her post stated,

“We love Gregg! Cain and the other guy in the band forgot where they came from. Neal hired both Cain and the other guy. Sad. Let’s pray they learn spirituality someday.”

Rolie’s reunion with Journey’s founding members was supported by Michaele. She went on to say that Jonathan Cain, with whom Schon had a falling out, and “the other guy in the band,” which included Pineda, should respect Schon because he was the one who recruited them into the band and that the Schon family loves Rolie. She added that everyone should pray for Cain and Pineda’s conversion to Christianity and spiritual growth.

Pineda gave Schon an ultimatum after learning of this remark, telling him that the band could fire him at any time if they grew tired of him. The rocker then addressed Michaele’s request by saying that he didn’t need any spirituality lectures. He went on to say that he had completed his sentence and had never forgotten his origins. Therefore, he wouldn’t take any of these “threats” seriously.

Pineda’s ‘ultimatum’ was addressed to all his bandmates, especially Schon. It stated, “[I’m] with the band to sing the legacy. If some of them are tired of me being with them, with all means, they can fire me anytime. And don’t lecture me about spiritual bullsh*t. All I know is [that] I’ve paid my dues. So stop reminding me where I came from… [because] It’s in my heart every day. You just don’t pay attention. I’m not a slave; I’m a human being like anybody else. Wrong is wrong, [and] right is right. [It’s] that simple.”


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