Benedict Cumberbatch Joins David Gilmour Onstage to Sing ‘Comfortably Numb’

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Benedict Cumberbatch has shown how versatile of an actor he is with several movies and shows including the popular show Sherlock. However, it seems that acting is not the only talent he has because back in 2015 he showed up at The Royal Albert Hall and surprised everyone.

He was at the hall to promote his debut Marvel film, Dr. Strange. He then sang a song that left everyone in awe. The fact that he joined Pink Floyd’s frontman, David Gilmour made it more iconic and obviously it made fans go crazy. Gilmour was there to promote his fourth solo studio album Rattle The Lock. And it resulted in a small but impactful collaboration of two of the most incredible artists from different fields.

Furthermore, Cumberbatch revealed how he felt in an interview. So what did he say? let’s find out. We will also talk about their performance in detail.

How did Benedict Cumberbatch feel to join David Gilmour onstage to sing?

Cumberbatch joined Gilmour to sing one of Pink Floyd’s finest creations “Comfortably Numb,” which is from their eleventh studio album The Wall which was released back on November 30, 1979. The song was delivered in a conversational manner by Cumberbatch. He sang a few lines giving a theatrical effect to it and quietly left the stage for Gilmour after the line “Come on it’s time to go.”

Later Cumberbatch appeared in Good Morning America where he revealed that his experience to share a stage with Gilmour was just superb. He said that he used to be horrified to sing in public however, he then added, “I imply, that is a really form of, talky singing quantity. It isn’t a real test, not like singing an Adele song. However, to stand on that stage that close to David Gilmour and watch him make that guitar sing, and his voice just will get richer and richer with time, no matter how excessive it goes, it is just superb. I thought I would regret not doing it more than I would regret doing it, though it makes me cringe a bit to watch it, but it surely was unbelievable.”

Well, it was an experience of a lifetime, and there may be only a few people who would not want to experience what Benedict experienced that night. It was really great experience even for a renowned actor and although he finds it a bit cringe to watch it, he still finds it unbelievable.

Furthermore, fans were delighted to see Cumberbatch sing Comfortably Numb sharing the stage with legendary guitarist David Gilmour. One Twitter user named Lauren Galaxy twitted “Benedict Cumberbatch singing Pink Floyd’s “Comfortably Numb” is EVERYTHING.” Likewise, there were various other fans who shared Cumberbatch’s singing video on social media.

However, Cumberbatch had the singing experience before he shared a stage with Gilmour, he recorded the song “Can’t Keep It Inside” back in 2013 for the August: Osage County soundtrack where several other music artists recorded songs for the soundtrack including Eric Clapton, Bon Iver, Kings Of Leon, Billy Squier, JD & The Straight Shot, and more.

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