Billy Corgan picks the “best metal band in the world”

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Billy Corgan, from the Smashing Pumpkins, has always had a strong affinity for metal. He openly admits that bands like Black Sabbath, Slayer, and Rainbow are essential parts of his musical DNA.

Interestingly, many alternative musicians have their roots in metal, even if they don’t openly acknowledge it.

In a 2012 interview with Artist Direct, Corgan explained that heavy metal has become more popular nowadays, but much of its musicality was “borrowed” by the alternative music scene.

He playfully pointed out that some artists claim Radiohead as their influence while neglecting to mention bands like Mercyful Fate, whose album ‘Melissa’ was a defining masterpiece in its time.

Billy Corgan fondly recalled how the drummer of his school band was so frightened by that album that he banned Corgan from listening to it in his presence.

Moreover, in 2010, Music Radar asked Corgan about his top ten metal albums of all time. His list offered an enlightening journey through some of the genre’s most significant records.

He also shared an anecdote about declaring a certain band as the “best metal band in the world.”

The band in question is none other than Pantera. Corgan expressed how he had the privilege of seeing Pantera perform multiple times and how he once praised them backstage as the best metal band on the planet. He was a devoted fan of the Texan group and held them in high regard.

After a two-decade hiatus, Pantera made a controversial comeback to the stage in 2022, though with only half of the original lineup.

Zakk Wylde and Charlie Benante replaced the Abbott brothers on guitar and drums, respectively.

Since then, Pantera has been on a tour that will continue until 2024. They are currently completing the European leg of the tour and will return to the continent in July.

It’s fascinating to see how Billy Corgan’s love for metal has influenced his music and how bands like Pantera continue to leave a lasting impact on the metal genre, despite changes in their lineup.

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