Richie Sambora And Jon Bon Jovi To Reunite At MusiCares ‘Person Of The Year’ Gala Next Month

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Per the revelations from Roger Friedman’s Showbiz 411, Richie Sambora, the original guitarist for BON JOVI, is slated to attend the ceremony where Jon Bon Jovi will be celebrated as the 2024 MusiCares Person Of The Year. This distinguished event is set for Friday, February 2, at the Los Angeles Convention Center.

Jon Bon Jovi, the band’s lead, will be the focal point of the 33rd annual Person Of The Year gala, a function designed to bolster MusiCares. This organization stands as the premier charitable entity in the music industry, offering a broad array of health and human services to music professionals. This homage takes place shortly before the 66th annual Grammy Awards, scheduled for Sunday, February 4, at Arena.

Friedman suggests that this benefit typically features various celebrities performing the honoree’s hits, with the honoree themselves occasionally gracing the stage. This sets the stage for a potential BON JOVI mini reunion.

In a conversation with People last November, Richie hinted at discussions about his return to the group. During his time at the Breeders’ Cup, the musician, now 64, disclosed, “A documentary is in the works about the band, which I’ve been involved in, and there’s a palpable desire to see us perform together again, to spread joy. At this juncture, that’s the essence of why we do it.”

Sambora elaborated on the impact of their music, stating, “Our songs have transformed lives by offering solace and companionship. That’s the magic of music for me, and I strive to mirror that in my work.

“The possibility of a reunion is on the horizon,” he continued. “It hinges on when we’re all set to embark on such a monumental endeavor.”

Regarding the timing of this reunion, Richie expressed uncertainty, emphasizing the need for the right conditions.

“Now’s the time,” he added, marking the band’s 40th anniversary. “Despite the years, I’ve never felt more invigorated. I’m thoroughly enjoying every moment.”

Earlier last year, Sambora broached the subject of rejoining BON JOVI on “Shred With Shifty,” a podcast hosted by Chris Shiflett of the FOO FIGHTERS, indicating that discussions were underway, particularly driven by international demand.

However, his stance seemed to shift by June during the Songwriters Hall Of Fame ceremony in New York City. When probed by United Stations Radio Networks about reuniting with BON JOVI, Richie responded dismissively, yet noted he could readily participate if asked.

Reflecting on previous statements in February 2023 to Absolute Radio, Richie reiterated his openness to reuniting, especially after their collaborative performance at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction in 2018.

Richie shared his perspective on songwriting within BON JOVI, emphasizing the collaborative nature of their hits and the misconception surrounding the band’s creative process. He highlighted his continuous amicable relationship with Jon Bon Jovi, underscoring the absence of bitterness despite their past.

Years after his departure in 2013, Sambora discussed his choice to leave the band, prioritizing family and personal health over the demanding rock and roll lifestyle. He remains open to rejoining BON JOVI under the right circumstances, reflecting on the band’s legacy and his desire to continue contributing to their music and legacy.

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  1. Richie is the only one publicly talking abt a reunion and he has no say as he was thrown out of the band and replaced by Phil
    x who became a permanent member.

    Ritchie’s comments are self serving and not indicative that a reunion is forthcoming.

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