Bon Jovi’s final wish about Mick Jagger

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The Rolling Stones has been around for six decades and is still going. They have been touring and still making music even after all this time. The lineup is still strong with very few changes. Also, they have been able to maintain their sound.

There are many reasons that call it quits for bands. Old age is one of them as it’s hard for veteran rockers to perform shows. With the need for physical effort and high tension, it’s hard to keep the ball going on in the game. But with the recently announced Rolling Stones tours, they aren’t retiring any time soon.

For the most part, Mick Jagger himself. He is still an outstanding performer despite his age. At 79 years, the singer is still out there on the stage working his butt off. On top of that, his mesmerizing voice has been the same. He does work out to keep his physical shape in balance. Mick also practices a lot for stage performances.

With all these happening, looks like Jon Bon Jovi has a different view on this part of the story. Two years ago in 2020, when Bon was speaking with San Diego Union, he was asked to discuss rock and roll. The interviewer discussed whether rock could grow old adroitly. Also what the interviewer asked was if he could paint in the same style he has as the Rolling Stones.

The singer said, “I think the Stones are a great example.” He continued, “For me, though, I wish they’d retire for one reason: At least then, I’d know where the end zone is! They are still an amazing live band.” It was quite a surprise for everyone as no one would really like The Rolling Stones to retire. Bon Jovi also added,

“You brought up Bruce [Springsteen] earlier, and he’s obviously a great entertainer. [Paul] McCartney is still touring all the time and had a new album out last year. If you want to think of U2, who are our age, they are obviously a great touring rock band. The Eagles are another great example of a touring band that is still singing and playing great. So, yeah, I do think rock can grow old gracefully.”

When asked if he’d still be out in the arenas into his 70s, he said, “I hope not. My goal is to do it as well as I’ve done it or better, just not to hurt the legacy. Nobody loved the fat Elvis. You’re not going to see that with me. I’d walk away before that happens.”

Bon Jovi surely loves to play live shows. He wishes the Rolling Stones to stop at one point because that would mean he could have a guide to his own ‘end zone’. Looks like, Jovi will retire at the same age as The Rolling Stones as he looks up to them as his guide. Although looks like the Rolling Stones are still good to go for many more years, which could sound troubling for Bon Jovi.

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