Bono: ‘Coldplay Are Obviously Not A Rock Band’

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Bono recently shared his thoughts on Coldplay, saying they don’t fit the traditional rock band mold. In an episode of BBC Sounds’ series ‘Music Uncovered: The Genius of Coldplay,’ he compared them to the Isley Brothers, highlighting their unique style.

According to Bono, Coldplay’s music doesn’t follow typical rock standards, which often revolve around themes like anger and rebellion. Instead, he finds their music has a different vibe, citing their song ‘Clocks’ as a prime example.

‘Clocks’ is from Coldplay’s album ‘A Rush of Blood to the Head,’ which won a Grammy. Bono praised the song, calling it one of the best at the time. This isn’t new praise from Bono; he’s long been a fan of Coldplay, even including ‘Clocks’ in his playlist of favorite songs ever.

In a letter to Coldplay, Bono expressed his admiration for their music, mentioning their versatility from their early work like ‘Yellow’ to later hits like ‘Viva La Vida.’ He specifically singled out ‘Clocks’ for its impact on him, likening it to a powerful experience.

Despite rumors about Coldplay’s future and Chris Martin’s comments about stopping music by 2025, they continue to be active. They’re set to headline Glastonbury for the fifth time and have extended their Music of the Spheres Tour until 2024, covering cities like Athens, Rome, Dublin, Vienna, and Auckland.

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