Brad Whitford Confirms Aerosmith Won’t Tour Anymore After The Farewell Shows

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A somber announcement reverberates through the world of rock as Aerosmith fans brace themselves for the inevitable: the band is bidding farewell to the stage following their upcoming string of farewell performances.

In an exclusive interview with Premier Guitar, Brad Whitford solidified the band’s decision, acknowledging that the forthcoming farewell shows would mark the end of an era. When probed about the tour’s significance and whether it truly signaled the end, Whitford underscored the importance of the band members’ health:

“Yes, it’s true. I’m not entirely certain, but it seems this will indeed be our final journey. We’re slated for 40 shows, and beyond that, the future remains uncertain. It hinges on everyone’s well-being and how we’re all faring.”

Aerosmith’s plans were initially disrupted when Steven Tyler suffered a vocal cord injury during a performance last September, necessitating a 30-day hiatus from singing. This setback prompted the band to postpone their farewell tour until an indeterminate time in 2024.

Months later, despite the challenges posed by Tyler’s vocal cord injury, the band resolved to proceed with their ‘Peace Out’ tour, unveiling new concert dates and rescheduling shows that extend into 2025. A particular highlight awaits fans as the band prepares for a ‘special hometown show’ on New Year’s Eve at Boston’s TD Garden, a poignant event that was originally intended to usher in 2024 before Tyler’s injury intervened.

Yet, amidst the anticipation surrounding the tour, concerns persist regarding Tyler’s recovery. Although Aerosmith’s recent announcement offered no updates on his health, Tyler has previously shared insights into his condition, detailing the vocal cord damage sustained in September, which led to a doctor’s directive to refrain from singing for a month. Reports surfaced of a fractured larynx, further complicating matters.

Tyler’s sporadic updates on social media hint at a gradual improvement in his condition. His reassurances in late November and earlier this year during a Grammys viewing party indicate a resilient spirit, even in the face of adversity:

“My throat’s been on the mend, inching closer to recovery.”

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