Brian May explains why Lemmy was “unique in just about every way”

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Brian May, the iconic guitarist of Queen, has mingled with rock royalty, including his beloved bandmates and legends like Freddie Mercury. He has shared countless tales about famous personalities, from Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters to the unparalleled Freddie.

One name that stands out in Brian’s memories is Lemmy, the legendary frontman of Motörhead. Lemmy’s remarkable journey in rock music is unique. Beyond his role in Motörhead, he once worked as a roadie for the legendary Jimi Hendrix and even played a significant part in Hawkwind, the pioneers of space rock. Sadly, the world lost this rock icon to cancer in 2015 when he was 70. His legacy, however, is akin to legend.

A memorable chapter in Lemmy’s legacy is his collaboration with Brian May on the song ‘The Devil’. This track is a gem from Motörhead’s final album, ‘Bad Magic’, released just a few months before Lemmy’s passing. Fans of the band appreciate Brian May’s electrifying guitar solo in the song, showcasing his recent best.

After Lemmy’s passing in 2015, May paid tribute on his website, expressing the challenges of encapsulating such a dynamic personality in words. He recalled how Lemmy often smirked at praises, maintaining an ever-mischievous look. Brian May described Lemmy as a blend of contrasts. While his music was fierce, his persona was one of a pacifist and a thinker who deeply cared for his friends. Despite not being in Lemmy’s inner circle, their interactions always left May touched by Lemmy’s unexpected gestures of respect.

Brian wrapped up his tribute with an intimate note: a close friend of his had been in a decade-long relationship with Lemmy. She always painted a picture of Lemmy very different from his public persona, describing him as soft-hearted and cultured. Anyone who saw him engrossed in a game at the famous Rainbow Bar and Grill might think otherwise, but that place, dripping with rock history, forever holds a piece of Lemmy’s soul.

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