Brian May Reveals His Favorite Queen Track Doesn’t Require His Playing

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During a recent appearance on BBC’s “The One Show,” Brian May discussed his favorite Queen song to play live and explained why it has such a strong emotional impact on the audience.

Queen altered the boundaries between the audience and the performers by demonstrating that a lively crowd could contribute to a track, engage with the performers, and establish a baseline for the music. After all, audiences wanted to engage with, shout at, and sing along with their favorite performers, and concert halls weren’t a secure recording studio environment.

The Queen legend considered these aspects when picking his favorite music to perform live and chose the one he always enjoyed doing. Any typical rock fan could probably anticipate it just by mentioning how participatory it was, and if you bet on “We Will Rock You,” you are correct.

Brian talked about how the song “We Will Rock You” was a turning point in the group’s career and how they usually reserved it for the very end because audiences liked capping off the night by putting their all into a song and connecting with the group. Even the guitarist acknowledged that there were occasions when no instruments were required since the crowd provided all the necessary sounds.

When asked why “We Will Rock You” was his favorite song, the musician said:

“I still love playing all of them, if I have to be honest, [but] I would have to say ‘We Will Rock You,’ especially as this is the moment we’re relaunching the musical which was named after that song, always gives me a good feeling. ‘We Will Rock You’ and ‘We Are The Champions’ are kind of staples at the end of the show, and you kind of know it’s gonna score.

You know people will be happy if they weren’t already, so, yeah, it’s lovely. You get the feeling you don’t need the instruments; you could do it with the audience to get it.”

The legendary song he created, “We Will Rock You,” therefore stuck out the most, even though Brian adored performing the whole Queen repertoire. The rocker emphasized how it might be a fantastic experience for each fan since the act connected with the crowd. The tune was made specifically for live performances.

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