Brian May Reveals His Final ‘Big Sacrifice’ For Queen

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Brian May, the famed guitarist of the iconic rock band Queen, has recently opened up about the group’s eagerly awaited ‘Rhapsody Tour.’ This discussion happened amidst the launch of his latest album, ‘Star Fleet Sessions,’ and it has fueled some surprising revelations. engaged May in a conversation about the challenges of touring at his age. The rock star’s response hinted at the possibility that his touring days might soon come to an end. He expressed:

“The threshold of retirement is drawing near for me. Those extended journeys away from home, without the possibility of returning? They don’t resonate with me the way they once did. Such a global trek is not just a performance; it’s a profound commitment.”

This isn’t the first time Brian May has indicated that Queen might be winding down their touring schedule. The subject has surfaced in various interviews, including a candid talk with iHeartRadio back in April.

During that revealing discussion, Brian May shared the band’s motivation to embark on a North American tour, driven by a passionate fan base. However, he didn’t shy away from highlighting the challenges that come with life on the road, stating:

“Let’s not mince words; age brings its own challenges, and being away from home for two solid months is taxing. You feel confined to hotel rooms, isolated. But I must exempt Adam from this sentiment; he’s in a different phase of life.”

He also gave insight into what keeps him and the band motivated:

“The passion must be there, and it must be coupled with enjoyment. These guys make it so; it’s invigorating, creative, and demanding in the best possible sense.

There’s a synergy and a camaraderie that makes it worthwhile. The crowds fuel us with their energy. That’s why we persist.”

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