Queen’s Brian May Shares His Regret About Eddie Van Halen

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Brain May and Eddie Van Halen both are the greatest guitarists the world has ever seen. While Brian is the co-founder and the lead guitarist of one of the most amazing rock bands, Queen. Van Halen was the co-founder and guitarist of the band Van Halen. However, they were not only involved in their band but they also have solo albums. And they both May, as well as Van Halen, are two of the most popular or biggest names in the music world.

Talking about May, he formed a band named Smile in the late 60s however, the vocalist of the band Tim Staffell left the band in 1970. Later, Freddie Mercury took place of Staffell and he is also the one who changed their band’s name to Queen. They are also one of the best-selling artists with more than 300 million albums sold globally.

While Eddie formed his band, Van Halen, along with his brother Alex Van Halen back in 1972, and they have sold 80 million globally. Eddie also had a very successful solo career and some people even call him the guitar god.

And Brian May collaborated with Eddie in one of his solo projects called Star Fleet. It was a very special project because two of the greatest guitarists were working together. And it is clear that they were friends however, May has revealed his regret about Eddie Van Halen. Let’s find out what he regrets.

What does Brian May regret about Eddie Van Halen?

As mentioned Brian and Eddie were friends however, Brian revealed that he should have spent more time together with Eddie. He said that his shy personality stopped him from keeping in touch with Van Halen and he really regrets it now especially since Van Halen is no more with us.

Well, May does have a very interesting moment with Van Halen. He shared a moment when he got drunk with Van Halen once. May reveal that one time Eddie came to see them live and went to the hotel with them and Eddie brought Southern Comfort with him. They started drinking and May said that he got so drunk that he lost himself and later found himself on the bathroom floor.

Although they could have built more moments like this as mentioned above, May’s shy personality stopped it from happening and left him with regret. Brian revealed in an interview, “I really should keep in touch better. I tend to be a bit shy and reclusive myself. I regret terribly that I didn’t keep in touch more with Ed Van Halen.”

Furthermore, he also revealed the time when he got drunk with Eddie and said, “I completely lost it. The next thing I remember, I was on the floor in the bathroom, having fallen and cracked my head on the washbasin. I don’t even remember going into the bathroom. It’s one of the few times in my life where I’ve gotten out of control.”

And now they can never build a moment like this because Van Halen is long gone. He died back on October 6, 2020. He was hospitalized in 2019 after he got throat cancer and according to his ex-wife Valerie Bertinelli, Eddie also had lung cancer. However, he died of a stroke at Saint John’s Health Center.

After hearing Eddie’s death news, May was devastated and shared a post writing about Eddie on his social media. He wrote, “Completely gutted to hear the sad news, his passing leaves a giant hole in my heart. RIP Ed Van Halen.” Furthermore, he also mentioned various other things about Eddie including his legacy and how talented he truly was.

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