Bruce Dickinson: ‘I See a Lot of Bands Now, and I’m Going, ‘Hey, You Sang That Without Moving Your Lips”

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Bruce Dickinson, the iconic voice of Iron Maiden, recently criticized the increasing reliance on pre-recorded vocals in live concerts. He emphasized that one reason fans adore his band is their authentic approach to live performances.

As time takes its toll on rock’s legendary vocalists, accusations of using backing tracks beyond their traditional role continue to grow. Ian Gillan remarked, “From drugs, now it’s shifted to tapes.” Glenn Hughes, former Deep Purple singer, expressed his shock, saying many bands we wouldn’t suspect are actually lip-syncing.

Yet, age doesn’t seem to affect everyone. Bruce Dickinson remains a testament to that. In a chat with Dave Gleeson from Australia’s Triple M radio, he was asked about Iron Maiden’s consistent success in introducing new songs without any backlash from fans. He responded with a touch of humor, “It’s astonishing, right? People attend our concerts for the music! We aren’t chasing trends. We offer an unpretentious, direct approach. The songs might have depth, but our intent is clear.”

Dickinson believes in delivering what fans expect. He added, “We perform every song in its original key. No downtuning. Despite our excitement, we sometimes speed up. We don’t rely on click tracks or pre-recorded elements. When I watch some bands today, I’m baffled seeing vocals without the corresponding lip movements.”

In summary, Dickinson highlights the band’s commitment to genuine, live performances. “We’re all about the real and raw experience. Fans appreciate authenticity, especially when it’s becoming a rarity.”

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