Bruce Springsteen’s Greatest Fear

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Bruce Springsteen experienced numerous challenges throughout his career, from a tussle with the IRS to bankruptcy and even a fallout with a dear friend. Yet, none of these overshadowed his most profound fear related to his profession.

Springsteen soared to stardom with his 1975 hit, ‘Born to Run.’ After releasing two moderately successful albums, this track thrust him into the American limelight. But, the very success of ‘Born to Run’ also brought its fair share of complications.

In a 2010 interview with The Guardian, Bruce Springsteen delved into these issues. Despite the commercial mediocrity of his initial two records, the immense success of ‘Born to Run’ made him reflect on his newfound fame.

He remarked, “Success seemed to have eroded some essential aspects of many artists before me. I was deeply scared of it changing or lessening my essence.”

Post the release of ‘Born to Run,’ Springsteen faced a year-long hiatus, entangled in a legal tussle with his previous publisher, Mike Appel. This hiatus led many to believe that Springsteen’s moment in the sun had passed.

Bruce reminisced, “Many thought we were history. That ‘Born to Run’ was just a marketing gimmick. We had to prove our worth night after night on stage. It was an arduous journey, but we stayed true to our mission.”

Elaborating on his apprehensions, he noted, “The pace of fame was dizzying. Surprisingly, the lawsuit provided a pause. A chance to rebuild, but elsewhere.”

Interestingly, following the success of ‘Born to Run,’ the IRS also took a keen interest in Springsteen, scrutinizing his financial dealings in detail. Fame, it seems, came with its set of challenges for The Boss.

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