Bryan Adams and Joan Jett Kick off Joint Tour

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Bryan Adams and Joan Jett started their joint summer tour in 2023 with a concert at CFG Bank Arena in Baltimore on Tuesday night.

Bryan Adams is continuing his tour that began in support of his 2022 album called “So Happy It Hurts.” He created this album during the pandemic and it was inspired by the small, fleeting things in life that bring happiness and, most importantly, human connection. During his performance, he played the title track along with three other songs from the album: “Kick Ass,” “I’ve Been Looking for You,” and “Never Gonna Rain.” He also surprised the audience by performing “The Boys Night Out” for the first time since 2015.

Joan Jett also has new music to share on this tour. She released a new EP called “Mindsets” on June 2, and it features six new songs, including the lead single “If You’re Blue.” In 2022, Jett released an album called “Changeup,” where she reimagined many of her famous songs in acoustic versions. During her performance, she introduced the audience to a new track called “(Make the Music Go) Boom” from that album. She played a total of 14 songs during her set.

Bryan Adams reminded fans about ‘the great Tina Turner’

Bryan Adams reminded his fans about the amazing Tina Turner during his performance. He was dressed casually in dark pants and sneakers, and he moved around the open stage while playing the guitar. He often jumped down to a platform that had microphones on each end so that he could reach every part of the arena.

Whether he was energetically performing the upbeat “Can’t Stop This Thing We Started” or leading the crowd in singing along to the powerful anthem “Somebody,” Adams showed that the songs he created for arenas many years ago still have a strong impact with their catchy melodies.

Bryan Adams, CFG Bank Arena, Baltimore, 6/6/23
1. “Kick Ass”
2. “Can’t Stop This Thing We Started”
3. “Somebody”
4. “Please Forgive Me”
5. “Shine a Light”
6. “Heaven”
7. “It’s Only Love”
8. “You Belong to Me”
9. “I’ve Been Looking for You”
10. “The Only Thing That Looks Good on Me Is You”
11. “Here I Am” (acoustic)
12. “When You’re Gone” (acoustic)
13. “(Everything I Do) I Do It for You”
14. “Back to You”
15. “18 til I Die”
16. “Summer of ’69”
17. “Never Gonna Rain”
18. “The Boys Night Out”
19. “Cuts Like a Knife”
20. “So Happy It Hurts”
21. “Run to You”
22. “Straight From the Heart” (acoustic)
23. “All for Love

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