Carlos Santana makes transphobic comments and causes outrage in networks

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In today’s society, the topic of gender diversity remains sensitive. Renowned musician Carlos Santana, at 76 years old, recently made remarks perceived as transphobic during a performance, which unsurprisingly drew criticism.

According to Consequence of Sound, Santana took the stage last month at Atlanta City’s Hard Rock Live for his ongoing 1001 Rainbows Tour.

However, the atmosphere shifted when the legendary guitarist, with 10 Grammy wins under his belt, began a 15-minute monologue discussing gender identities.

Santana conveyed, “When God created you and me, before we came out of the womb, you recognize your essence. But as you grow, perspectives might shift. Remember, a woman is a woman, and a man is a man. Personal choices behind closed doors are your own.”

Drawing parallels with his “brother,” comedian Dave Chappelle, Santana expressed solidarity. Chappelle has faced backlash for transphobic humor, even having a show canceled in Minneapolis in 2022 due to controversial comments.

Mixed reactions came from the audience, with some applauding while others felt unease. An attendee shared with Consequence that Santana’s talk felt “unexpected and unsettling.”

With a career spanning decades, Carlos Santana boasts over 100 million record sales and has performed for a similar number of fans globally. With 10 Grammy Awards to his name, he clinched nine of them for 1999’s ‘Supernatural,’ including Album and Record of the Year for “Smooth”.

His contributions earned him a spot in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 1998, celebrating him as “one of rock’s true virtuosos and guiding lights.”

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