The reason Charlie Watts didn’t think much of The Beatles

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There are several musicians who have passed away however, they are still remembered for their contribution to the world of music. One musician who is included among all those great musicians is the drummer of the Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts. His musical talent especially his drumming skills was so much higher level, that people consider him one of the greatest.

Of course, the Rolling Stones band is a gem, this band was formed in 1962 which is around the same time the Beatles was formed. Well, the Beatles was formed two years earlier but still, we can say that it was around the same time. Furthermore, both bands were fan favorites, and there are people who even say that these two bands were rivals.

So what did the Rolling Stones think about the Beatles? although the secondary vocalist of the band Keith Richards said that he was obsessed with the Beatles, Rolling Stones drummer Charlie Watts had other thoughts about them. So did Watts hate the Beatles? what was his thought about them? this piece will explore what Charlie Watts thought about the most iconic rock band.

What did Charlie Watts think about the Beatles?

Many might be wondering that Watts did not like the Beatles but that is not true at all because originally he was a jazz guy and he was more interested in jazz, however, he did later join the rock band later but that does not change the fact that Watts was not the rock person which he admitted himself, “I don’t really love rock & roll. I love jazz. But I love playing rock ‘n’ roll with the Stones.” Moreover, he said, “I’ve never been a big Beatles fan.” Although he was in Rolling Stones, he still did not care if the band ever broke up, when asked about it he said, “Honestly, I couldn’t care less if it were over.” For a man who couldn’t care less about his own band, it is quite understandable why he was not a fan of the Beatles.

Charlie was a guy who did not care about the Beatles and he even said that the Beatles did not sound great but still he admitted that the band was amazing. As mentioned although people call the Rolling Stones and the Beatles rivals or they had feuds, in reality, both bands respected each other and they were all friends.

As mentioned although he was not a fan of the Beatles he admitted that the band was phenomenon. Talking about the Beatles in an interview with The Stones Drops he said, “I never been a great fan of the Beatles’ music you know, I do like lot of it but I mean I don’t mean but we just know them and I do I love Ringo’s style he’s a lovely man and I used to like, I don’t know the other two but I used to know John a little bit.” He the late drummer further added, “The phenomena of them was something else but I don’t think you could put the same sort of madness that they had going.”

Furthermore, he also told Rolling Stone, “The Beatles were a phenomenon. The great thing was how people looked at them. That’s what got you, more than John Lennon going ‘la-la-la’ or Paul McCartney shaking his head. The effect was amazing.”

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