Charlie Watts’ favorite Rolling Stones song

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There are and were few music artists in the world who are irreplaceable and among those artists include the late drummer of the Rolling Stones, Charlie Watts. August 24, 2021, is also known as a black day for Watts fans because it was the very day when this legendary drummer passed away.

Charlie was really a great drummer and if you ask me how great he was then just know that his drumming skill helped the Rolling Stones to grow and make its name as one of the most iconic bands ever. And beyond doubt, the Rolling Stones are one of the greatest, even the superstar musician Bob Dylan talked about this band and admitted that they are the greatest and unparalleled.

What’s more, Charlie was a conspicuously hard-working guy and so his mate Keith Richards would call him “the engine room.” He indeed was just like an extremely strong rock to depend on. Rolling Stones has numerous recordings and by listening to all those tracks we can understand how crucial Charlie was.

What is Charlie Watts’ favorite Stones song?

As mentioned, the Rolling Stones has numerous recordings with 30 studio albums alone, however, we all love certain song from all those tracks and albums so is there any songs from the band that Charlie Watts really loved or considered his favorite? let’s find out.

When Charlie was talking about his favorite track from the band he said that he really likes Satisfaction. He said, “I chose Satisfaction, it was just the first really big record we ever made. It’s an iconic riff. It just sums up the whole period, really.”

Satisfaction is a single track from the Rolling Stones’ 1965 album Out of Our Heads. It was their third studio album for the British while the fourth for the United States.

Another drummer from the Beatles Ringo Starr also said that Watts was amazing. “You look at Charlie Watts in the Stones and there is nothing really said and he’s an amazing drummer but the drummers tended not to get the writing. The drummer is the driving force but when you have songwriters of that calibre and singers they much prefer to talk about the songs and the writers.” Ringo said about the late musician.

We have already discussed how great and versatile of a musician Charlie Watts was however, we are yet to discuss a few songs from the Rolling Stones that would not have been extraordinary as it is without Charlie’s drumming skill. Well, most of the songs from the band are great because of Charlie’s drum but here we will only discuss a few of them.

One of the Rolling Stones’ songs that we can clearly figure out why turned out so great is Beast of Burden. This track was released in 1978 from their album Some Girls. Although the opening of the track is done with guitar chords, however, later drum kicks in and makes the music more alive.

Even the secondary vocalist of the Rolling Stones, Keith Richards said that a banger can happen if the rhythm and drummer work together. Richards said, “Charlie stuck with me on this track. I’m the rhythm player. I’m not a virtuoso soloist or anything like that. To work together with the drummer, that’s my joy. This record, to me, is one of the examples of what can happen when two cats believe in each other.” Richards considers Street Fighter Man is the band’s most important track and that magic was only possible because of their belief or trust in each other.

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