Chris Wyse Thinks Metallica Couldn’t Get Over Him Easily Before Hiring Rob Trujillo

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In a recent interview with Bass Player, Chris Wyse delved into his past audition for Metallica, shedding light on the dynamics that played into the decision-making process between him and eventual bassist Rob Trujillo. Reflecting on his journey with the Cult and his connection with producer Bob Rock, Wyse shared insights into the circumstances surrounding his Metallica audition after Jason Newsted’s departure.

According to Wyse, Bob Rock saw him as an ideal fit for Metallica and pitched his name to the band, even though they were leaning towards Rob Trujillo. Metallica, intrigued by Wyse’s fingerstyle playing and captivated by his tone from a Cult record, decided to invite him for an audition.

Detailing the audition experience, Wyse mentioned spending several hours showcasing his skills. While Metallica had their sights set on Trujillo, they took a few weeks to deliberate after Wyse’s audition, indicating that he left a lasting impression.

Speculating on why he wasn’t ultimately chosen, Wyse suggested that perceptions of his age and experience might have factored into the decision. Despite this, he maintained confidence in his abilities.

In an unexpected turn, Kirk Hammett later reached out to Wyse, proposing the possibility of joining Ozzy Osbourne’s band, as Trujillo was leaving to join Metallica. However, the situation took another twist when Jason Newsted ended up taking the position with Ozzy.

Rob Trujillo officially joined Metallica on February 24, 2003, two years after Newsted’s resignation. Trujillo’s connection with the band dated back to the early ’90s when his band Suicidal Tendencies supported Metallica on tour. The intricate details of Wyse’s audition provide a unique glimpse into the behind-the-scenes decisions that shape the trajectory of iconic bands.

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