Christine McVie’s favourite Steely Dan track: “One of my favourite songs ever”

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Christine McVie, Fleetwood Mac’s iconic songbird, traversed the entire musical spectrum from the band’s early blues roots to the pop-rock pinnacle of *Rumours*.

Amidst the whirlwind of musical evolution and personal turmoil, McVie’s soulful constancy was a beacon. Her admiration for Steely Dan highlights a mutual respect among musicians who, despite their divergent paths, share a profound dedication to their craft.

Steely Dan, known for their meticulous musicianship and complex songwriting, stood out to McVie not just as contemporaries but as possible kindred spirits in the industry.

McVie’s speculation about Fleetwood Mac’s influence on Steely Dan underscores the interconnectedness of musicians inspired by each other’s work. Her fondness for the band, alongside her love for the Beach Boys and Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young, speaks to her appreciation for artists who brought sophistication and depth to popular music.

McVie’s particular affinity for Steely Dan’s ‘Babylon Sisters’ from their album *Gaucho* showcases her taste for music that blends intricate arrangements with introspective lyrics. The song, with its themes of decline and excess, mirrored the tumultuous lifestyle that Fleetwood Mac was known for during their heyday, marked by prodigious talent as well as personal and professional challenges.

The choice of ‘Babylon Sisters’ as one of McVie’s favorite tracks illuminates the shared experiences of musicians in the limelight, navigating the highs and lows of fame. The song’s narrative, exploring themes of decadence and disillusionment, reflects the broader narrative of the music industry during that era, characterized by incredible creativity alongside self-destructive tendencies.

Despite the trials, McVie’s ability to find humor and wisdom in the situation, coupled with her musical achievements, highlights the resilience and insight that defined her career. Her reflections on Fleetwood Mac’s influence and the mutual admiration between artists reveal the depth of her musical insight and her contributions to the rich tapestry of rock history.

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