Corey Taylor Explains What He Copied From James Hetfield

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Corey Taylor of Slipknot recently spoke candidly with Consequence about his battles with addiction. He credited Metallica’s James Hetfield as a major inspiration in his journey towards sobriety. Reflecting on Hetfield’s own path to sobriety, Corey remarked:

“Watching James face his demons and embark on his sober journey was a wake-up call for me. If he had the resilience to confront it, I felt inspired to give it a shot too. Over time, this decision profoundly impacted me, and I’ve been dedicated to maintaining it.”

Taylor emphasized that the journey wasn’t a walk in the park. The tales of fellow artists like Hetfield, who were treading similar paths, became a source of solace for him. He added:

“Sobriety isn’t a quick fix; it’s a daily commitment. James deserves huge respect for showing me that it’s possible. Knowing I wasn’t alone made a world of difference. It also rejuvenated my creativity, allowing me to dive deep into my passion for writing once more.”

Additionally, he highlighted Alice In Chains’ Jerry Cantrell as another guiding light in his quest for sobriety, noting:

“As I navigated through my challenges, I realized others, like Jerry Cantrell, were also seeking a fresh start. Around that period, Jerry was embracing sobriety, gradually finding his footing.”

Presently, Corey is embarking on a solo US tour, celebrating his second album, ‘CMF2.’ For ticket details, click here.

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