Corey Taylor names Slipknot’s most underrated song that they’ve never played it live

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In their long-standing career, it’s common for artists to feel indifferent towards some of their tracks. In a recent chat with Revolver, Corey Taylor shared which Slipknot song he finds most overrated and which one he believes deserves more recognition.

With seven albums under their belt, Slipknot has a plethora of songs to consider for their live performances. Many of the tracks from their eponymous 1999 album remain staples in their setlist, especially since this was the album that thrust them into the limelight.

Yet, there’s one song from that album Taylor finds wearisome and would rather not perform, even though it’s a crowd pleaser.

“Let me be clear, ‘Wait and Bleed’ grates on me. I’ve belted it out for 26 years and trust me, it doesn’t get more pleasant,” he quipped.

“However, I still perform it both with Slipknot and on my solo gigs. It speaks to my madness, but it’s clear fans adore the track. So, I oblige. Honestly, it’s a nice issue to face.”

Conversely, Taylor feels the song ‘Danger – Keep Away’ from the ‘2004 album Vol. 3: (The Subliminal Verses)’ doesn’t get the credit it deserves. “In my view, ‘Danger – Keep Away’ is an overlooked gem. Both its versions, the one on the album and the extended cut, resonate with me deeply.”

Data from shows “Wait and Bleed” is a regular in Slipknot’s gigs, ranking as their fourth most performed song. On the other hand, “Danger – Keep Away” has yet to make a live debut. Maybe it’ll grace the stage in their future tours.

As of now, Slipknot is gearing up for the Blue Ridge Rock Festival in September. Meanwhile, Taylor is hitting the road to promote his forthcoming solo project, CMF2.

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