Slipknot’s Corey Taylor On Finally Making His Dream Come True

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Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor recently announced that he has begun working on his new solo album which is a follow-up to his 2020 debut solo album, CMFT.

People who were waiting for new stuff from him can finally wait for the new album. He recently shared on Twitter what to expect from his second solo album. Initially, Bassist Eliot Lorango was the one to reveal that he was in the studio with Taylor last week and things were “sounding rad”. That’s when Taylor confirmed the news in a video on his Twitter.

He started with, “I’m really, really excited. I mean, everything’s just bigger this time, man. Everything sounds better; everything’s running better; everything’s running hot. Instead of where I came from, this is where I’m going.”

That’s when he continued on about what it sounds like musically. He says, musically it is harder and faster. There is also tons of stuff from the first album. Taylor said that it is inspired by the elements of Slipknot, elements of Stone Sour, and elements of ‘CMFT’. He added, “There are elements of the stuff that I’ve been doing for years — just, like, cover-wise or whatever, just all the stuff that I’ve always wanted to do, we’re doing that.”

Taylor also said, “All the stuff that I’ve always wanted to do. We’re doing that. Just cranking it up and it all sounds so fucking good that I can’t even describe to you how stoked I am to be starting on this. Today’s the day. Today’s the fucking one. Let’s get going!” And concluded with, “I’m serious as a heart attack. Nobody is ready for what they’re about to hear. But first, we gotta record it.”

For Slipknot fans, this year will be a big one. Previously, while talking with SiriusXM’s Eddie Trunk, he revealed that there are 15 ready songs for the new album. Including, ‘Beyond’ and ‘Breath of Fresh Smoke’ which have been played live already. If you guys haven’t checked out CMFT then it’s time, as we all have to be ready for CMF2.

Take a look at his video.


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